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The Ray Ring

A Fortune & Hawkes Collaboration

In creating The Ray ring, we want to respectfully share an interesting piece of history and science with you. We make no claims, aside from believing wholeheartedly in the power of Sacred Geometry and the frequency of love. We see The Ray ring as an extra touch of magic in your life and hope you do too.

The Story

Throughout the years, this special ring has carried many different names: the Atlantis ring, the Luxor ring and the Atlantean ring are some of the most common. We will refer to the original ring as the Luxor Ring and the story we tell below is the version most documented. . . 


In 1860, Marquis d’Argain, a French Egyptologist, first discovered this extraordinary ring in a tomb at the Valley of the Kings in Egypt. The treasure was made out of clay and adorned with geometric symbols, each of which holds its own importance. According to D’Argain, the origin of the Luxor ring dated back 4,000 years to the lost city of Atlantis. It was said to have been worn by the Atlantean priesthood with the intention of reaching their highest selves. The story goes that the ring was brought to Egypt by the Atlanteans and ultimately buried in the Pharaoh’s tomb, waiting to be discovered.


Later, a French aristocrat named Arnold de Belizal inherited the ring.  An expert in Radiesthesia, the ancient science of vibrational physics, De Belizal discovered that geometric shapes etched into the ring created a subtle energy field of powerful vibrations. He theorized that the ring’s electromagnetic waves prevented the alteration of energy patterns, creating a protective shield for the wearer. Additionally, he found that the ring increased intuitive powers and enlightened the subconscious mind. 


Various antidotes have been passed down about the great power of the Luxor ring, the most famous being the story of renowned archeologist Howard Carter who discovered the tomb of Tut-Ankh-Amon in 1922. Carter is said to have faithfully worn a Luxor ring, understanding the significance of its high vibrational frequency. Legend has it that the ring protected Carter from the curse of the Pharaoh, Tutankhamun. The explorers who accompanied him on this expedition were not spared the same fate. 

The Design

The Luxor design is based on the principles of Sacred Geometry and incorporates multiple occurrences of the Golden Ratio, or Divine Proportion.  With no beginning and no end, Sacred Geometry is found everywhere - in nature, architecture, art, music, light, and cosmology.  Equivalent to the number Pi,  it matches the frequency of love.   


Sounds are vibrations - waves of energy.  The Sacred Geometry of vibrations is found in the golden spiral that surrounds us in nature - in shells, plants and galaxy formations.  We are made of vibrations, in fact we are our own “unheard” human symphony.  Each of our cells vibrates on its own frequency, creating tissues and organs and body systems.  Those energy waves are what the ring’s design channels and redirects.


The Luxor ring’s design works like an antenna, receiving and transmitting powerful energy waves. When the wearer’s vibration merges with the ring’s frequency, it creates a subtle but strong vibrational field that manifests as: love, protection, healing (energy balancing) and intuition.


You will see that the Luxor symbol is composed of two isosceles triangles, three lines and six pyramids. Pyramids are known to receive, store, and transmit positive energy through electromagnetic vibrations. The lines and the triangles act as connectors between the pyramids, creating a network that centralizes the energy and distributes it. Four holes located opposite one another, act as a medium through which the energy is transmitted. The positive energy moves inwards through the holes located above the triangles, while any negative energy held by the wearer is released through the remaining holes. Three waves uniting the symbols assist in the flow of energy. Inside the ring is the infinity symbol, which helps to magnify the endless power.

A Thoughtful Approach

In designing The Ray ring, we took great pride in thoroughly researching the geometry of the original treasure and ensuring its accurate representation. When sizing this piece, the proportions are adjusted accordingly to maintain the original design. We have carefully and thoughtfully added Fortune & Hawkes’ touches to make this our own unique offering. All lelamooi jewelry is individually handcrafted in California by old-world inspired master metalsmiths. We deliberately partner with eco-conscious gem suppliers and use only the finest metals. We are committed to donating 10% of all sales profits to our favorite charities: Friends of the Earth, One Tree Planted and Surfrider Foundation.

Wearing The Ring

The Ray ring retains the energy of the wearer and, therefore, is intended for one owner. If you experience changes in the rhythm of regular sleep, you may consider only wearing the ring during daylight.


Also, rings contain specific qualities that can be enhanced when placed on certain fingers: 

The Pinky - ruled by Mercury, it symbolizes status, trust, intuition & emotional intelligence. 

The Ring Finger - Ruled by the Sun, it symbolizes love, sensuality, creativity & confidence.

The Middle Finger - Ruled by Saturn, it symbolizes personal power, balance,  wisdom & achievement.

The Index Finger - Ruled by Jupiter, it symbolizes joy,  abundance, leadership & assertiveness.

The Thumb - Ruled by Venus, it symbolizes beauty, luxury, passion & boldness.

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