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lelamooi variety of jewelry in a gold and beiger jewelry box

Small Batch Productions

All of our jewelry is hand-crafted in California. At lelamooi a lot of love and detail goes into each piece, from the first sketch to the final polish. We deliberately partner with eco-conscious gem suppliers and old-world inspired master metalsmiths who support the lelamooi vision. From our hands to yours, it’s all about good vibes!


Ray Ring

A collaborative piece by Fortune and Hawkes.

This ring is inspired by an extraordinary treasure first discovered in 1860 in a tomb at the Valley of the Kings in Egypt, thought to have origins dating back 4,000 years. The original ring design is based on the principles of Sacred Geometry. When the wearer’s vibration merges with the ring’s frequency, the design creates a subtle but strong vibrational field that manifests as: love, protection, healing, and intuition.

New Offerings

our favorites

Banana Leaves

lelamooi is committed to donating 10% of all sales profits to our favorite charities; Friends of the Earth, One Tree Planted & Surfrider Foundation.

Creating Joy

For many years I felt the calling to create a line of handcrafted specialty rings. In the early ‘70’s in Santa Fe, New Mexico, my dad found what I call “the magic ring” and purchased it for my mom. Throughout my life the power of this ring - and additional specialty pieces I’ve been drawn to - have captivated me.

I feel the significance of these small wearable pieces of art; as joy makers, healers, connectors and entertainers. This energy has guided the lelamooi vision. I love to watch a customer be drawn to the jewelry that speaks to them.

lelamooi designer kristen hawkes

Kristen Hawkes

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