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I'm Kristen Hawkes the founder of lelamooi. I was raised in Marin County, California in the '60s and '70s, an artistic and memorable time and place. I have found myself drawn to the creative process in both my life and my career ever since. Over the years I have studied and worked in various aspects of art and design throughout the United States and Europe. I currently reside in Santa Barbara, California, where I’ve raised two daughters, established myself as a working painter/fine artist and launched lelamooi.

our story

"For many years I felt the calling to create a line of handcrafted specialty rings. In the early ‘70’s in Santa Fe, New Mexico my dad discovered what I call “the magic ring” and purchased it for my mom. Over the years, the power of this ring and additional specialty pieces I’ve been drawn to have captivated me. I feel the significance of these small wearable pieces of art; as joy makers, healers, connectors and entertainers. This energy has guided the lelamooi vision. I love to watch a customer go straight to the piece of jewelry that speaks to them."

lelamooi ( loosely translates as beautiful divine stories, which for me says it all. This business combines a passion for creativity and fine art, a love of life’s mysteries and a desire to serve others. lelamooi is a family run business and a true collaboration. I feel very grateful to be supported by a group of talented and inspiring individuals. All of our jewelry is hand-crafted in California. At lelamooi a lot of love and detail goes into each piece, from the first sketch to the final polish. We deliberately partner with eco-conscious gem suppliers and old-world inspired master metalsmiths, who support the lelamooi vision. From our hands to  yours, it’s all about good vibes! Our jewelry is represented in fine boutiques, salons and spas in some of the most beautiful towns and cities in the country. There are amazing new lelamooi retail locations on the horizon.

315 Meigs Rd, Suite A521 santa barbara, ca 93109

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